Dr. Jeri Fink

               Author. Traveler. Therapist.

About (Biography)

Jeri Fink
Author - Traveler - Therapist 

   I was born and raised in the Big Apple, where I started writing at the tender age of eight! My first characters were the people I saw on buses and subways.

Traveling was always a big part of my life (click on the travel tab). I've explored the world - from the Arctic to Antarctica; the East to the West.

My formal education in English, psychology, and social sciences led to a doctorate in clinical social work, and a private psychotherapy practice treating couples and families.

Writing is my work and passion. I've published nineteen books and hundreds of articles. You can often find me on TV, radio, the internet, and at book events.

   I'm thrilled to announce Trees Cry For Rain, my newest historical novel, published by Dailey Swan. It took four years to research and write this book - including trips to Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, New Mexico, and Arizona.

   Please join me in this timeless journey.

Famous Firsts

Dr. Fink along with her
co-author Donna Paltrowitz are the first authors to use the voices of children in Books by Kids For Kids read and distributed around the world.

Dr. Fink coined the term,
and wrote the first book on technology in psychotherapy.

Dr. Fink devised the term, and concept, known as cyberseduction, writing one of the first books that applies evolutionary psychology to virtual reality in our daily lives.

Dr. Fink wrote the first book that merges the concept of gilgul, the reincarnation of souls, with the lost children of Sao Tome, the modern life in Trees Cry For Rain.



Trees Cry For Rain

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